Paws Around Ptown

Portsmouth Humane is proud to announce its new “Paws Around PTown” program, which pairs members of the community with shelter dogs for field trips. Field Trips can last anywhere from two hours to all day, and can include a trip to one of the fabulous parks in Hampton Roads, a trip to the beach, a lunch at a pet-friendly restaurant, or even just a nap on the couch! Whether you already have a dog or are not ready to have one yet, it’s a great way to get your pet fix in.

Paws Around PTown was designed to allow any community member, 18 or older, to participate and be a chaperone for a Portsmouth Humane adoptable dog. After signing up for a time slot on, guests can come to the shelter, sign a waiver, then “check out” an adoptable dog for the day. Chaperones will be provided with everything they need for a fun day out with their new short-term foster.

If there are no time slots available, interested chaperones can text our staff at 757-414-6478 to inquire about additional availability.