About Portsmouth Humane

Portsmouth Humane is a non-profit corporation that supports the people and pets of Portsmouth, Virginia through intake, adoption, lost/found, and resource programs. Our shelter holds a contract to care for the city’s homeless pets, but these funds only cover a fraction of our operating costs. We rely heavily on donations from our generous supporters!

Our mission is to create a safe, compassionate, inclusive community for people and animals through education and resource programs that elevate animal welfare standards and champion the human-animal bond.

Board of Directors


Erika Nestler – President
Terry Fraley – Vice President
Darlene McKernan – Secretary
VACANT – Treasurer

Amy Broughman
Tanya Gills
Mary Justis
Amanda Newins
Rhonda Trower


Alison Fechino – Executive Director
Amanda McQuarry – Shelter Director
Dyanna Uchiek – Community Engagement & Development Director
Saira Gay – Animal Care Manager
Teresa Stephens – Community Resource Manager
Mylinda – Front Office Assistant II
Trina – Front Office Assistant
Ruth – Front Office Assistant

Annie – Community Resource Technician II
Jasmine – Animal Care Technician II
MirandaAnimal Care Technician II
Sam – Animal Care Technician II
Auden – Animal Care Technician
Kathy – Animal Care Technician
Lashaydria– Animal Care Technician
Meagan– Animal Care Technician