Emergency Intake Policy

Portsmouth Humane Society is critically full for cats, dogs, and small animals. This means that we have very few to no open cages available to new intakes. To protect healthy, adoptable animals from being euthanized for space, we are temporarily adjusting our intake policies.

Owned Animals In Need of Rehoming
1. Pets in need of rehoming will be placed on a wait list and contacted as soon as space becomes available. We will work with pet owners to help rehome privately in the meantime.
2. Pets will continue to be accepted in situations where human or animal health/safety are at risk or there is no viable alternative to intake.

Found Pets
1. Found dogs and found ill/injured cats will be accepted into care.
2. Healthy cats found outdoors or trapped without any form of identification will not be accepted. If a cat is doing well outdoors, they should not be taken to a shelter or relocated.
> Healthy outdoor cats often have one or more people caring for them. They are not truly lost, and the place they are living is their home.
> According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 70 percent of indoor cats who escape return on their own. Only 7 percent are found through shelters.
> Most trapped cats are feral. Feral cats are not socialized to people and cannot be placed in indoor homes. Barn homes are very limited, and the only other outcome for feral cats is euthanasia.

Cruelty/Neglect Cases
1. PHS will always accept animals in cases of suspected neglect/cruelty presented by Portsmouth Animal Control.