A little bit of love is all you need…

This is the story of Zook, a sweet two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier. Animal control received a call to pick up a dog in Portsmouth; when they got there they found Zook, standing next to a tree. The animal control officer knew as soon as she saw him that he was a sweet boy. Zook hopped in the truck with her and snuggled all the way to the Portsmouth Humane Society (PHS).

We are unsure of what happened to Zook before he found his way to PHS, but on intake he was thin, had fleas, and a number of wounds on his face and body. Throughout being evaluated by the veterinarian, getting vaccines, being heartworm tested, and having his wounds cleaned, Zook has been a dignified gentleman. Zook is an example for us all to live by with his sweet, loving spirit and his never-failing trust in humanity.

Thank you to everyone who has given PHS the ability to provide medical care, time, and love to Zook and all the animals in need throughout the City of Portsmouth. Your donations truly make a difference.

zook story