Virtual Fostering

Become a Virtual Foster Today!

What is a Virtual Foster?

At the Portsmouth Humane Society we noticed that many families who wanted to get involved with fostering couldn’t due to conflicts with resident pets, space, or time. This is when the Virtual Foster Program was created. This program is intended to give these families a way to connect with adoptable pets and to give those pets the TLC they would receive in a foster home.

How this program works and how you can participate!

Animal care staff work with participants to choose a dog, cat, or small animal for their foster. The Virtual Foster is encouraged to spend one-on-one time working with the pet, taking it on field trips, and socializing the animal just as they would with a foster at their home. Back at home, Virtual Fosters share stories and photos of their Virtual Foster Pets on social media. This exposes the animals to potential adopters that may not have come to the shelter or looked at the Portsmouth Humane Society’s website.

To become a Virtual Foster, stop by Portsmouth Humane Society starting Saturday, October 19th to fill out an interest form and meet an adoptable animal that needs your help!

Fill out the Virtual Foster Application and bring it to the shelter with you when you are ready to start! Or email the application to frontoffice@portsmouthhumanesociety.org

Virtual Foster Tip Sheet and FAQ’s 

Virtual Foster Outing Tip Sheet