Ferals/Stray Cats

Ferals and Stray Cats

A feral cat is a “wild” cat that is not domesticated, they are like any other wild animal.  These are cats whose past relatives were good old fashion strays but they had kittens who never came in direct contact with humans and now they are grown up and are unable to be touched or handled.  Humans have created the cat problem.

If you have noticed feral cats in your neighborhood, trapping them and bringing them to a shelter is not a humane solution. Studies have shown that cats are in a location for a reason – usually a food source. If you humanely trap those that are “wild” and take them to a shelter, you must trap every single one and stop the food source. If you only trap a few, the cats that remain will instinctively breed at a much higher rate in order to maintain the natural balance. Bringing cats and kittens to the shelter each year will not solve the problem.

Feral cats are usually euthanized in local shelters when they don’t have to be. Studies have shown that they can live out their lives in the environment to which they have become accustomed. If you remove them, another group of cats will eventually show up to take over the food source that may still remain. Then you have the same problem all over again. By keeping those cats you currently have in their colony setting, they will keep other cats from intruding on their food and remain static in size until they die off of natural causes. Over time the colony will reduce in size and no longer exist.

Because we do not yet have our spay/neuter clinic up and running, if you have a feral cat which you would like to have spayed or neutered, please visit http://www.spayhr.org to schedule surgery.